Have a Pest Free 2018


Happy New Year!

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Here at Bug Assassin, our job is to help you live a pest free life!  The secret is creating conditions outside your home that reduce the chances that bugs and rodents will get in. 

You will want to secure the barrier of your home.

  • Fix damaged screens
  • Cut tree branches back from your roof
  • Fill holes and cracks in your foundation and walls

There are some things only a pest control technician can do to help enhance your barrier. A sprayed treatment is often needed to fully seal them out.  It is also sometimes necessary to use baits to keep pests out.  Most of the time, treating the exterior of your home fully prevents pests from entering the interior, leaving your interior free of chemicals.

Pests leave little hints that they're around. Our technicians can identify the pests that may be present in your home or on your property and help eradicate them. We hope you'll consider choosing Bug Assassin to help with all of your pest needs in 2018!