How to Get Rid of Rats In Your Home


Want to know how to get rid of rats in your home?  They can be a huge nuisance in the house. The bad news is, you may not see them until there is a problem and it becomes more difficult to get rid of the rats. Rodents can cause damage to your home, contaminate food and carry diseases. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively get rid of rats in your home -- rat traps and baits.

The first step in ridding your home of rats is to find THEIR home. Rats are nocturnal so usually they aren't seen during the day, however look fo these signs:

  • rat droppings, especially around trash areas or pet food
  • strange noises at night
  • rat nests, piled debris in hidden areas
  • frayed wires or wood damage
  • burrows around the yard or under your home
  • marks or hair on the walls indicating rat movement

Rodent Traps

When setting rat traps it is important that they are inspected regularly in case a rat is caught. Otherwise you may attract other insects and most certainly experience foul odors. Snap Traps and Glueboards are the most common types of rat traps used.


Rodent Baits

Baits are typically used to lure rats into the traps. Dry pet food, nuts, dried fruits, bacon are most effective.  Softer baits do not work as well since rats can sometimes pull off the bait without snapping the trap.  Rodenticides are best left to be handled by a licensed pest control professional as we have the knowledge to properly and safely use these potentially dangerous products.


Bait Stations

Once rats have been caught it is very important to have prevention rodent services. Bait stations are enclosed equipment in which a rodenticide bait is placed. We place these little black boxes around the outside of your home.  Rats can enter the stations to eat the bait but these boxes do not trap the raps.  The number of bait stations depends on the size of your home and rodent activity in your area.

If you would like to speak with us about getting rid of rats in your home and preventing future rodent activity, please get in touch with us.  We will be able to answer any questions and provide a quote to keep your home rodent free!

Nicki Pasqualone