Roach Facts

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Cockroaches are nasty little suckers. Luckily they prefer to be outside, but occasionally they can make their way into your home. Wanna hear some creepy facts about roaches? They can live weeks without their heads. They actually don’t don’t need their brains to breathe or move because those functions are controlled by organs found in other parts of their body. They also won’t bleed to death like we would when our heads are cut. The wound would just clot like any other wound.

This doesn’t mean cockroaches are immortal. They will eventually die from hunger and thirst since they need their heads to eat and drink.

And get this, a cockroach head can also survive on its own for several days if it’s refrigerated. Now what would freak you out more? A headless cockroach or a moving cockroach head in your refrigerator?