German Roaches or Palmetto Bugs?


Roaches can vary significantly in size and color and you may have noticed that some even FLY!  It's important to identify which kind of roach you may have since the type will determine the method of treatment. These are the two most common cockroaches you’ll see in your Vero Beach home:

German Roaches

German Roaches.  Be weary of this specifies.  Why?  They multiply at an alarming rate.  If you see one, there are many.  They love filth but even the cleanest homes can be at risk.

 These roaches are smaller than Palmetto Bugs.  They are 1/2" to 5/8" long and have two stripes on their thorax.  If in your home, they are usually found in kitchens behind appliances, in cracks behind backsplashes, under cabinets, around plumbing and behind drawers.  They love being near warm areas like appliance motors near refrigerators and dishwashers.

How did you get German Roaches?  They can enter homes when boxes or products are shipped from one location to another.  They're difficult to get rid of once infested because they reproduce at such a high rate.  They produce 30-48 eggs every 30-45 days.  That's a lot of roaches! 

German Roaches are nearly impossible to get rid of without professional help. German Roach treatment is a specialized combination of methods of integrated pest management that may need to be repeated several times to fully eradicate the pests.  Routine pest prevention is suggested for everyone, especially for those who have recently had a German Roach infestation.

Palmetto Bugs (Para-domestic Roach Species - American, Australian, Florida Woods Roach)

If you live in Vero Beach, you are probably quite familiar with the Palmetto Bug. There are several different specifies that we generalize as Palmetto Bugs, species like American Roaches, Australian Roaches and the Florida Woods Roach to name a few.  These para-domestic roaches are large, sometimes fly, and don't usually make your home their home.  They come inside in search of warmth, food and water.

Palmetto Bugs are reddish brown and have a yellowish margin on their body.  They are larger, usually 1.5" to 2" in length.  They usually live in dark, damp areas like storm drains, sewers, outdoors in landscaping and tree holes.  Inside, they prefer dark, humid environments and feed on decaying organic matter and other foods.

Sometimes in cooler months, you will notice Palmetto Bugs making their way indoors to seek warmth and food. It is rare to find an infestation of Palmetto Bugs in your home unless there is a case of excessive moisture around a water leak or something of that nature.  Pest prevention services will help ensure this species of roach stays outside where it belongs!