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Roach Facts

Cockroaches are nasty little suckers. Luckily they prefer to be outside, but occasionally they can make their way into your home. Wanna hear some creepy facts about roaches? They can live weeks without their heads. They actually don’t don’t need their brains to breathe or move because those functions are controlled by organs found in other parts of their body.

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German Roaches or Palmetto Bugs?

Roaches can vary significantly in size and color and you may have noticed that some even FLY!  It's important to identify which kind of roach you may have since the type will determine the method of treatment. These are the two most common cockroaches you’ll see in your Vero Beach home:

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What's "Brown Patch" and How to Treat It

It's winter in Florida and you may notice that your lawn looks less-than-perfect.  Sometimes this can be due to a fungus that we refer to as "Brown Patch Disease."  

At first glance, you might suspect that your lawn isn't getting enough...

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